FERLING Ltd. (Ferling Consulting and Service Provider Ltd.)

Corporate headquarters: 7621 Pécs, Mária utca 8.
Phone number: +36 72 512 370
E-mail address: info@ferling.hu

Company data

Tax number: 11018661-2-02
Registry court: Baranya County Court, as registry court
Registration number: Cg 02-09-063200

Here's how you can find us


As an agency that promotes green thinking and due to the limited parking space on the street we recommend the following modes of transport:

Public transport

  • Bus 44 stops just a few meters from the office, you need to get off at the stop called „Mária u., Szent Mór u.”
  • Árkád Mall is just a few minutes walk from our office, where almost all local buses stop, so you can easily walk from there as well


  • If you visit us by bike, you can store it in a safe indoor area
  • Use the Pécsike public bike rental system, you can the leave the bike at the station located in Szepesy Ignác street, next to Széchenyi Square

On foot

  • Fortunately there are no real long distances in Pécs, so if you feel like it, take a stroll through our beautiful city centre, right up to our doorstep

And if you decide to come by car

  • Our agency is located on the right side, after turning left at Hunyadi János street
  • To enter the area by car you need to have an entry permit and the usual parking fees also apply to our street